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About Higher Thinking Elements

The Vision of Higher Thinking Elements (HTE) is to bring inspiration to individuals looking to rebuild their lives and overcome some life's challenges. We are dedicated to bringing literary material to our readers to encourage, enlighten, and inspire. The foundation of our material is based in Biblical principles that build an awareness concerning how to build an effective life through the Bible. Although the Bible is used as our main reference, we believe that our material deals with every person in every walk of life that needs more a positive outlook on life.


Higher Thinking Elements (HTE):


HTE was founded in 2016, as the parent company of Educators, C.T. and Monique Kirk. 


HTE was founded on Five Main Elements:

To Encourgage:

We believe that in order for lives to change there must be a great amount of encouragement presented. Our books are encouragement tools to provide our readers with practical applications and knowledge to improve their position in the Earth. We believe that encouragement comes in many different forms: correction, setting a positive example, and speaking positive deposits.

To Teach:

We believe that teaching is essential to a higher level of thinking. The purpose of our books are to teach our readers how to apply basic principles to their lives by providing literature and motivational speaking. We believe that teaching is essential to providing various alternatives to life. We believe that the liberation of the mind can only be accomplished by teaching and development through instruction.

To Promote Balance:

We believe that balance is a lost focus for many individuals today. In order for life to truly have substance there has to be a balanced approach to our living. We believe in providing books that will aid readers in creating a holistic life through living a balanced life.

To Inspire:

We believe that our books will inspire the reader to take the next step UP in their lives. Our books will inspire the reader to not only think positive, but teach them how to use every experience as a learning tool for greatness. We believe that inspiration is key to showing individuals how to dream again, how to live out ideas, and how to bring goals to life.

To Motivate:

We believe in motivating individuals to live the best life they can live. Having someone to motivate us is very important to individual growth, as there are times when we can't motivate ourselves. We believe that our books will motivate the reader to breathe life into their dreams, use their creativity, and create strategies to promote their ideas.



The Higher Thinking Elements staff are not medical doctors or psychologists. The information shared on this site or in any material is to inspire the reader to see the benefits of living life in a positive way. This site is not intended to be a cure or guide for those clinically diagnosed with a mental illness or who are seeking psychological guidance. Please continue to see medical treatment with a licensed professional when and if needed.

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