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C.T. Kirk

C.T. graduated from York Technical College where he majored in Business Administration and Paralegal studies. After working several jobs, he decided to enter the educational field due to the testament of a local 3rd grader and a push from his wife. He entered and graduated with honors from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education.  He is currently working on his Master's and teaches in the Lancaster County School District as an educator. In 2012, C.T. was introduced to children's author, Dr. Kimberly Johnson, at a local community event. The first impression he left on Dr. Johnson wasn't the best, but it was memorable. Two months, after the first meeting they would be united as Dr. Johnson was invited to a church service held by C.T. The second meeting proved to be golden and Dr. Johnson joined the church along with her husband, Jeff. After being inspired by several messages, Dr. Johnson recommend writing to him. After two years of writing, he finished his first book "Learn to Take Back Your Mind: Strategize, Unify, and Pray Your Way UP!"

He is also co-founder and organizer of Reading Round Up; a summer reading program held annually that collects books for children to read over the summer. Each summer a free event is hosted with music, food and book handouts for the children. He is also one of the local initiatives of Books in Barber Shops. Book shelves are stocked with books for children to read in barbershops and hair salons. His efforts has drawn attention to local news programs and even the Steve Harvey Show.